About Me


When I was a kid I like science experiments and science fiction movies a lot. My parents encouraged me a lot. My dad, who is a police officer, taught me how to build my own science fiction gadgets. My brother also helped me to build those gadgets. After completion of my school studies we went to Vizag for my graduation.


My dad purchased a computer for my brother's studies. I got attracted to play video games on it. I inspired a lot from “Heavy Gear II™” video game. I tried to make a mod for that, but after many more experiments I understood that " it's not a simple task!" I wanted to learn the nuts and bolts of the game development. I started searching for right institution, but not able to find right one at those days (2002). I started my research on game development. I read tutorials, research papers all available information over internet.


I got a job at Gaian Solutions. By that time, I knew I didn't want to be a web developer. My heart was more into game development, I guess.


I started codelinegames® in August, 08, 2008 with some enthusiasts. Things were well at the beginning but my team got dispersed after few months. I started my research again and learned things one by one from Art, Design and Programming. While I was doing my Animation and Design diploma course, I took night classes at NIIT center to help focus on my programming skills. When I was at art center I inspired a lot from Ryan Church concept arts. I learned from his DVDs and from many talented artists from worldwide. I practiced at late nights too.


Later I met my team in the year of 2010 those are all very energetic and creative. I taught 3D art and design to them for one year with free of cost. We got a repaired animation project from an USA client. That project was in a full mess when we took it. But we take it as a challenge and did that project at low price and deliver it successfully. Our client was delighted with the animation and rendering quality.


After some prototypes we started our dream game, The Adventures of Pluto™, in the year of 2011. At the first stage of the game, we targeted to fixed function pipeline and develop a prototype. After release of game videos, Intel® contacted us and asked to optimize this game for their 2nd generation sandy bridge processors. Then we entirely re-wrote our game's graphics core from fixed function to shader model 3.0 and we got membership certificate from Intel® as a premiere elite partner for achieving of good frame rate on their chips.




Thank you for visiting my website!!